It can be challenging in business to look ahead as so many changes occur that requires you to either create a brand new strategy or set new goals. With the technology industry constantly alternating, this can result in problems around setting fixed goals and strategies. In 2023, more advances are being made to improve efficiency and productivity within the workplace. What are the technology trends that are going to shape the year 2023?

Artificial Intelligence 

Artificial intelligence has been on the rise for a long time now, but 2023 is the year where it’s going to be everywhere, to the point where it will go from a piece of technology that not all understand to something that feels very familiar and recognisable. No-code AI will become very popular as it enables anyone to use it without having to get their hands dirty on writing code, making contactless payments used by retailers, a lot easier and sufficient when customers are purchasing goods and services. In 2023, AI is going to save time on research, and improve the way we bring ideas to life by improving the design process. 

Improved cybersecurity

Society and businesses have become dependent on digital tools and technology. When an issue occurs with cybersecurity, and there is an attack, or it fails, this can put us at risk regarding our identity, safety and business data, which is why it is becoming more of a priority in business to ensure that all security measures are taken. 

Cyber resiliency is going to take off in 2023. Cyber resiliency is the ability of an organisation, to plan, prepare, detect and recover from cyber-attacks. So, more businesses are going to start conducting common risk assessments and knowing how to detect an attack or failure and planning a solution for these, so that if one does occur, no one can be put at risk. 

How to achieve cyber resilience? 

  • Improve security – Stronger passwords, software updates, and two-factor authentication can lessen the risk.
  • Detecting an attack – Use systems that can spot and notify you if there is an attack 
  • Responding and solving an attack – Policies and plans in place to solve a security threat with trained staff having the skills to know what steps to take
  • Recovering from an attack – The knowledge to recover systems by having back-ups in place. 


Environmental and sustainable processes are becoming more common for consumers, meaning that technology and other industries are going to have to make changes to adhere to their target audience’s needs. The retail sector has already begun implementing sustainable clothing and recyclable shopping bags, but it’s now time for the companies that exist only digitally to incorporate sustainable ways. 

Eco-friendly websites will become popular in 2023, The Green Web foundation is an excellent concept of being able to switch your website host to a ‘green’ provider, this is a way of running your website on renewable energy. By becoming a green host, you will be helping the internet become fossil fuel free. 


In 2023, there is going to be a significant increase in the number of businesses that will automate the majority of their business processes to increase productivity, efficiency and customer satisfaction. The rise in automation links back to more organisations using AI to improve the time lost on long-winded manual tasks. 

Chat GPT

Chat GPT is going to blow up in 2023, its AI capabilities mean it can string sentences together by understanding and interpreting. This new piece of technology can generate images from text, solve mathematical problems, and has an array of writing skills, like creating quirky titles to assisting with the writing of legal contract documents. This is definitely something that all organisations should look into. 


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