The Growth Sprint

It’s a sprint.
Not a marathon.

The challenge never ends….

Every company is faced with the daily grind. The need for growth, innovation, cultural issues, meeting every day goals and hitting targets… You get the idea…


During our Growth Sprint…

We’ll take the lead, breaking down the organisational barriers standing in between your business, and its growth. 

Our business consultancy processes are proven, and we will get you to where you need to be… in a Sprint.

Our short, sharp and fast sessions will identify problems or obstacles and by the end, your team will be actioning solutions. We facilitate innovation from within, after all, you never know where the next great idea will come from…

At the end of our Growth Sprint, the whole team will be on board, behind the solutions, and ready to propel your business forward.

Our Growth sprint

Our full 2-week facilitation and brainstorming sessions. We go all out to help your team solve problems and come up with an action plan!

The Growth Sprint Workshops

Our Growth Sprint will develop and foster a mindset geared towards growth throughout your business, and throughout your entire team. Power up your people. Transform your team.


During the initial investigation, we identify the focus area with you, in order to gain a better understanding of your business and your team. 


Everyone’s voice is heard as we scope the problem, which defines the issues and identifies the areas that need attention.


The heavy lifting. Your team puts their thinking caps on to find the solutions to each of the issues identified in the previous session. 


Every solution, or gain, identified has a clear pathway, with steps to achieve the goal laid out, and clear criteria by which to measure success.


We summarise the results of the Growth Sprint in a report, a clear plan is put together, with the workload spread across the team. Follow-up catch-ups are scheduled to assess progress.

What Do You Get with a GROWTH SPRINT?


Workshops setup and facilitation.


Workshop report assessment of strengths, drains and gains.


Executive Summary shareable with key solutions.


Recommended actions that can be implemented immediately.

Give the power to your people.

Release the talent within your team.

We help your whole team to pull together, promoting a sense of togetherness and trust while providing an environment that fosters creativity.


Ready to get started?

Sprint with us.

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