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Today’s businesses thrive where there are good processes, efficiency and intelligence.

Brexit and COVID-19 have disrupted supply chains and introduced a whole new way of working for many organisations. Customers are increasingly concerned with climate change and ethics which force corporate operations to be under the spotlight like never before.

Smart businesses are now optimising every aspect of their operations. GAIN LINE is highly experienced in supporting partners to deliver efficiencies across every business function - from finance to human resources, marketing to purchasing and procurement.

GAIN LINE exists to help you generate greater commercial gains, offering our unique strategy service and developing bespoke digital solutions that will help your day to day operations run more smoothly.

Identify drains.
Drive instrumental gains.

GAIN LINE has more than 30 years' experience in consultancy and delivery to provide and implement digitally-focused strategies to build business advantage.

We'll work closely with your teams to identify drains on your business - the points of operational friction and inefficiencies that unnecessarily cost you time and money.

From this, our GAIN LINE business analysts will design a KPI-driven change plan to build instrumental gains with digitally-driven operational optimisations. These gains may fall under the following categories:


Automating processes will have a significant impact on your business’ bottom line. From data entry to sales to employee recruitment, GAIN LINE will optimise these procedural activities by developing digital solutions which will build business advantage.

GAIN LINE has provided several clients with bespoke business critical enterprise systems - including, which generated £20m in revenue within a year of launch.


GAIN LINE conducts a thorough review of all your business operations before delivering a strategy to reduce costs and increase profits.

GAIN LINE's Spec Builder has already saved clients hundreds of thousands of pounds by pulling together data from many different systems into one place, helping salespeople provide to-the-penny quotations in minutes instead of days.


GAIN LINE analyses operational data and KPIs to create easy-to-understand reports and dashboards that surface actionable insights which are critical to senior business leaders when making significant decisions.

GAIN LINE worked closely with Jigsaw Homes Group’s senior leadership team to understand the data they needed to make informed decisions. We built a reporting system pulling together actionable insights from many different datasets which has made a seismic impact on how business intelligence is used and interrogated to help the organisation grow with confidence.

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“Over the last two years, we've seen tangible growth on a scale that we weren’t anticipating and we are in a place we didn’t think we would get to thanks to the collaborative way of working with GAIN LINE and ourselves.”
Rob Slawson
“GAIN LINE and the WilsonCooke team have helped us to drive data-led decisions in the board room. By pulling together our performance data on to one easy-to-use platform, our board now have a visually coherent and clear line of sight into how well our business is performing.”
Brian Moran
Jigsaw Homes Group
"Thanks to the system that GAIN LINE built, over £1 billion worth of work was estimated by our clients since it was launched only two years ago. Being able to produce estimates three to five times faster than traditional methods and with pin-point cost accuracies, we have revolutionised how they work and they've thrown their calculators out of the window."
Steve Page
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