We Are less than ordinary…

One of the greatest barriers to success within a business is often, inadvertently, the business itself. Problem solving is too often done in the boardroom, in the management office, with senior management or figures within a business deciding on the best course of action, without talking to those who make the business a tick.

We specialise in breaking down the barriers to success. By ensuring staff are engaged and tuned in, rather than switching off, the solutions to the issues facing a business come from within, rather than above.

How we help you succeed!...

Our approach means as a team we get sh*t done. We’re not going to walk you to the finish… we’re going to sprint you there! We’re not an ordinary business consultancy.

With an extensive background in strategic and business consulting we know how it all works.

And we don’t conduct ordinary meetings.


During our Growth Sprint, your whole team gets stuck in – identifying the problems and finding solutions, together.

Positions, titles, seniority, they’re all irrelevant, our Growth Sprint aren’t just for the board or management, they’re for the whole team. With everyone involved, you’re all part of the same process and on the same journey.

Our Growth Sprint are conducted with a razor-sharp focus. We give you space to think, collaborate and problem solve, while we facilitate the actions that deliver results.

So what are our methods? Well… they follow a simple process:

Identifying business roadblocks

a fresh set of eyes!

We’ll either work on pre-known issues, or we can come in, with a fresh set of eyes, ears, and ideas, and together with your team, together we’ll identify the business roadblocks.

Our workshops: 

  • Allows your team to think differently
  • Focus on roadblocks and an action plan
  • Provide the roadmap towards making incremental gains…

There are no predetermined agendas in our Growth Sprint, and that means that any “predetermined solutions” are avoided. 

GAIN LINE. Don’t walk…sprint!.

Ready to get started?

Sprint with us.

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