Why Your Website isn’t ranking on Google 

I’m sure that there have been many instances where you’ve said “I’ve done my keyword research, but there are still no results” “We’re doing everything we need to like creating relevant content, but we have no leads”. These are all very familiar and common when wanting your site to rank on Google, and although you may feel as though everything you’re doing is correct, you could be missing out on a few minor details that can make all the difference. We’ve listed five reasons why your site isn’t ranking on Google’s search results. 

Site speed

On average, website loading time is 5 – 6 seconds on mobile sites. However, users only stick around for 3 seconds before they get too impatient and leave; this is where you could be losing your leads. Google will track and look at your engagement metrics and will see those users who are sticking around or ‘bouncing’ off the page; they use this information to judge whether your site is valuable. So, if your users are bouncing off before the page has even loaded, Google is going to view your website as not valuable. 

To fix this? Test your site speed; there are plenty of free websites and tools out there for you to use, such as PageSpeed Insights and the Mobile-Friendly Test on Google Search Console. 

Your content isn’t trustworthy or up to date

One thing about Google is that it loves trustworthy and new material, so it is essential that any content you are producing for your website is up-to-date and relevant. It’s important that your content is clear enough for search engines to know what questions you are answering when users are searching queries. Your content needs to be in a position where it is clear enough for users to understand what it is you are offering. 

There are three things to bare in mind when producing and writing content, is it reliable, relevant and informative? Follow those three and your chances of ranking on Google will significantly increase. If you want to check the quality of your content, Google has tools now called “helpful content update”, where they can measure the total amount of low quality within your website. 

Your business is positioned within a competitive market

It’s very common for a great website page not to rank because of the competitive market that it’s situated in. If you are optimising popular keywords such as ‘business consultancy’ or ‘growth optimisation,’ then it’s going to be a lot harder for your website to rank on Google. 

If you want to know whether your website is the problem or if you’re just in a competitive market, then type in your keywords and see if any of the big companies within your industry come up first. 

Your website is poorly designed 

How your site is designed and how well it is organised all play a part in the success of your Google rankings. If your website is hard to navigate, users can soon ‘bounce’ and move on to a website that better answers their query. This current occurrence of users bouncing can lead to a high bounce rate which Google does not like; if they can see that more users are leaving the site straight away, then your chances of ranking will drop considerably low. 

To fix this, look at your website from your perspective and think about how easy it is to navigate. Are the users able to understand what your business offers as soon as they enter your site? Is the menu easy to navigate, and is the information that they are looking for easily accessible? 

You’re not optimised for mobile sites 

With the increase in the popularity of mobiles, it’s extremely important that your website is easily accessible for all users, across all devices, including mobiles. As of November 2022, 60% of all web traffic came from a mobile device, this will only increase in 2023 as more and more businesses are ensuring that their websites are accessible for all. 


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