Business consultancy.

We’ll make your business work smoother and smarter through a series of workshops and activities to rapidly develop modern solutions for the future.

We’re proud to be award winning, so you’re in safe hands with us.

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Our modern and human approach to business consultancy means that our clients can build actionable solutions towards a focus area in as little as two weeks.
Kevin Williams
Technical Director, GAIN LINE

How does our business consultancy work?


We’ll define our key focus area,
followed by a series of interviews and
information gathering methods.


Through a series of carefully curated
sessions, we’ll take a deep dive into
hurdles and targets.

Solution Building

We’ll build actionable, evidence-led
solutions towards our key goal for

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Our Partnership

We’re here for the long run, ensuring
solutions are implemented and our goal is achieved.

2 Week Transformation

We combine cutting-edge business consultancy methods, with a people-first strategy – asking the real questions.

Through our business consultancy, within two weeks, you will have actionable solutions built from within to kick-start a fresh way of thinking.

The format allowed us to get our heads “above the parapet”. Projects seem to be running more efficiently already and I’m confident that the longer-term goals will be achieved.
Arran Kirkup

Is this you?


You have additional steps in your core process that could be cut down, or your systems aren’t serving their purpose.


You’re struggling to strive for better results, or you can’t achieve your targets.


Your outputs are of poor quality, or you want to deliver better for your customers but don’t have the foundations to do so


Inconsistencies or inefficiencies are holding back your businesses productivity.

What is a business consultant?

In black and white, a business consultant can be defined as a professional with a broad range of skills, who
helps businesses grow while improving performance and efficiency.

To us, a business is the sum of its parts – so doesn’t it make sense work together and value the input from the whole team?

Often, and ironically, a business itself is the main obstacle on its pathway to success. Problem solving is often not done from the ground up and solutions come from the top, these solutions fail to account for the people who make the business tick, those who experience the problems on a daily basis, and often, it is those people who have been mulling over solutions in their heads.

Do you need a business consultant?

Often when business consultants are mentioned, the reaction for many businesses is “Why should I hire a business consultant?”. Some businesses feel they are too specialised to benefit from outside help, while others simply don’t understand the value it can add.

There is no definitive answer, but if you’re asking yourself why growth has stalled, whether you’re lacking resource or if you’re too involved in problems within the business – the answer is likely – yes.


How we bring value as your business consultants

Group collaboration

We include multiple levels of seniority within the process to ensure that all voices are heard and solutions are generated from the bottom up, giving a 360 view.

Tangible output

You will receive a roadmap of evidence and data led solutions at the end of the process, in as little as two weeks

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Transparent pricing

Our clients benefit from transparent and fixed pricing, no long term retainers or unclear levels of investment


Our process is engineered to cut through complexity at speed, meaning you could have actionable solutions towards to your focus area in just two weeks

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