Company culture is based upon the values of a company, it sets the foundations for a successful business where there are shared values and attitudes amongst the workplace. These are set by the people above and fed down to the employees below. 

There is a very high importance regarding company culture as it can greatly impact the overall operation of a business, resulting in a higher production and success rate when the overall culture is positive. 

What is the impact of company culture?

Company culture has a big impact on a business and can be the difference between success or failure.  When the culture is right, it can have a positive impact amongst revenue, profit and morale within the team, however a poor culture within your business can impact those crucial elements negatively.

5 ways to improve company culture

Whether you are looking to grow your business further, feel the current business culture in place isn’t aligning with your goals, or you are wanting to improve the overall working environment, these are the best 5 ways to improve your company culture:

  1. Build stronger relationships with your employees – doing so will bring better health and wellbeing for them which in turn results in better motivation and productivity within the workplace. This also improves transparency and will create a comfortable environment for everyone. 
  2. Share challenges – Being open and honest about the challenges the company may be facing encourages employees to work together as a team and form a solution. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to share every single challenge within the company, but when it comes to solving a big challenge, more people working on it together is a much more powerful approach. 
  3. Celebrate successes – Celebrate all achievements whether they are big or small, this can bring the team together and increase motivation to continue accomplishing. 
  4. Clarify purpose – Clarifying the company’s purpose gives the team something to follow and refer back to, it also reminds them of the values and attitudes. 
  5. Psychological Safety – Establishing that all employees feel safe expressing themselves, sharing ideas and more. Ensuring that this is done, provides a much safer and happier place for employees and allows them to share any ideas without fear of failure. 


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