B2B or business-to-business is the process of a business making a transaction to another business. An example of this could be a company needing materials for a product and reaching out to another business that offers this. Engaging with B2B customers is something that needs to be executed well, in most cases a B2B purchase is an investment with a higher-end price so it’s essential you know how to communicate and engage with your B2B customers. 

Blog Posts

B2B customers tend to look for informative content as they are attracted to products and services which will offer them some form of new insight. A lot of the products that are offered by B2B businesses are typically more expensive than B2C products, so the audience wants to invest in something that they know for sure is going to be worth it. You can meet your customer’s expectations by creating blog posts which are going to educate your audience this shows credibility for your business and also engages them, as customers love to learn new things.

You can also create blog posts around past projects or good experiences with clients, this builds credibility and trust for your business. 


In general, infographics receive 3x more shares than any other type of content, so in terms of engaging and promoting your business through content, infographics are the best step to take. Not only do they cut through the noise of text-based posts, but they are also extremely shareable increasing your brand awareness. 

With infographics increasing website traffic by 12%, it’s important you start to create your own. Consumers love visual content as its visually appealing and also easier to take in information, compared to reading lots of text. Infographics also make certain topics easier to understand, especially in relation to B2B. Not everyone understands what exactly a business consultancy does or what a certain system can offer your business, but using infographics can make this a lot easier for the consumer to understand. 

Once your audience is attracted to the infographics you produce and understand more about what your business offers, they are more likely to purchase. 

Include CTA’s

Landing pages are a great tool to inform your consumers, but this isn’t enough alone, you need to incorporate CTA’s. 

CTA’s, also known as call-to-actions, are used to prompt a customer to purchase. Some examples you’ve probably seen are “call now”, “buy now, “subscribe here”, all of which will take your targeted consumer closer to a purchase. 

You have to think about what you want your consumer to do next. When it comes to B2B, “call now” isn’t enough, those specific customers are going to need more of an incentive. Actions such as “free trials” are more likely to engage your customers more – as everyone loves a freebie. 

Humanise your brand

Although you will be selling as a business to other businesses, it’s still important to interact as a person as you are selling to people. In order to engage with your potential customers you have to form connections with them, this can be done through storytelling. 

Show your customers how your business offerings improve, better or resolve challenges within clients’ businesses. Not only does this show authenticity and credibility, but it also allows them to understand your business and see that it’s the right choice for them to choose your products and services as they do make a positive difference. 

Conversational marketing 

Conversational marketing is essentially communicating with your target audience one-on-one. This improves customer experience and relationships by allowing real-time communication between the brand and the customer. 

Customers want a unique experience with the business they purchase with, and conversational marketing provides this. Rather than speaking to an online bot, they can actually speak to a real person, interact and get their queries answered. Not only does this make the process easier for a customer, but it also engages them more with the brand as they view it as trustworthy. 

Conversational marketing provides:

  • Customer understanding of your offerings
  • High-quality support for products and services
  • Increased lead generation


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