Technology hasn’t just improved our lives by enabling us to shop online and communicate anytime, anywhere through social media and many others. But, technology has drastically improved business operations through effective communication preventing mishaps, working more efficiently and building stronger customer relationships in our organisations. 

Improved productivity 

Technology can improve productivity within the operations of a business as there is no chance of human error. Data systems and analytic tools, which many companies heavily rely on, can all be inputted by technology, creating accurate analytics. 

On top of this, it allows your employees to work on other tasks that may need prioritising. For example, mundane, long-winded tasks that employees have to carry out can cause lower morale and productivity, so by automating these and optimising your business processes by allowing technology to take over, it gives more space for tasks that they find to be stimulating and therefore increases motivation. 

Improved Communication

Communication must be effective in businesses to prevent errors, confusion and potential miscommunication that can lead to fallout. Good, effective communication allows for healthier relationships and prevents misunderstandings between managers and employees, which can result in lower morale or tasks needing to be completed correctly. Effective communication is also necessary for customers. 

Technology can create strong communication between employees by being able to collaborate, remote work, and generally keep in touch with one another. If a problem occurs, the communication channels that technology has provided us with, such as Teams, Emails, Slack and so on, all allow for issues to be resolved promptly. 

Technology has also allowed for remote working, significantly improving business operations. For example, if a staff member can’t get into the office due to external reasons, remote working allows them to continue doing their job. 

Marketing methods

Great marketing methods enhance the running of a business operation, so once you incorporate technology into this, the different ways to advertise become endless. With marketing being one of the most important aspects of a business, the marketing team must have all the available options to produce the best campaigns. 

Technology has provided businesses with software that allows them to track the success, data and analytics of a marketing campaign, allowing them to judge whether it’s on the right track, who they’re reaching and how much is spent. In addition, social media advertising has made it easier to connect to customers by using personalising tools to build closer relationships with targeted audiences. 

Technology has improved marketing methods which have therefore improved the way that businesses operate. 


Security is a huge priority for businesses, especially in this digital age where hacking and data breaches are more common, with 39% of companies within the UK identifying cyber attacks. However, the advancement and improvement of technology has enabled more robust security methods for organisations to incorporate. 

Two-factor authentication is a great tool that businesses are using; this requires two forms of security before entering your chosen programme; after typing in your password, you will also have to supply another form of identification. But, again, this is great and allows for more protection over business emails, data and systems. 

Customer Service 

Technology has improved the way that customer service teams operate. If programmed correctly, a chatbot can be a really successful and effective tool, with customers having their queries and questions answered within minutes. Especially at a time when consumers are becoming more impatient with the rate at which companies respond or answer the phone, chatbots are a huge time-saver for both the customer and the customer service team. 

Other than specifics such as chatbots, social media communications and personalisation, technology has allowed customer service teams to work more productively and efficiently with less time spent on phone calls and more time collecting and analysing customer buyer habits, leading to better customer outcomes. 


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