Productivity is essential within a business, it can help boost KPI’s, reach goals and increase overall profitability all in which form the success of the business. There are times when productivity can decline, impacting the operational efficiency in the workplace, but we have come up with 5 examples of productivity to ensure you stay on track

Incorporate frequent, short breaks

It’s important that you don’t overwork yourself when doing your job as this can have a negative impact on yourself but also the operations of the business. There’s a stigma that you have to constantly work with no breaks in between, however research has shown that taking short breaks can increase productivity and also reduce stress. Ensure that when you or your employees are slowly becoming less productive or tired, to get up, stretch or move around. You’ll find that yourself and your team are producing better quality work and feeling more energised by implementing frequent, short breaks into the day. 

Encourage automation

Technology is accessible and available to many businesses, so why not use it? Automating long, dull tasks will actually have a significant impact on the business and employee efficiency. Incorporating automation into the business has many benefits: reliability, reduced costs, and of course, increased productivity. Technology can allow employees to free up time for more meaningful or valuable tasks, so take advantage of the available technological resources and watch the results. 

Organise team working days

We’re at a time where a lot of businesses are remote with their employees working from the comfort of their own homes, so a great way to keep high levels of productivity within the business is by organising team working days. Implementing this into the business will develop the relationships between co-workers and the company because it’s a chance for everyone to come together in person, which boosts morale. If your business isn’t fully remote, you can still organise days where the team goes out for lunch, this excites employees and takes everyone out of that working environment making them feel cared for, which improves happiness and productivity. 

Set business goals

Setting goals is a great way to increase company productivity. Having something in place for the business and its employees to work towards, gives everyone that extra nudge to keep working and have a focus. Research showed that workers who were assigned goals were 15% more productive than those who didn’t, it’s a great way for employees to stay motivated and focused throughout the day. 


If you notice an employee hasn’t been completing as many tasks as they normally would it could be a sign that they’re struggling. It’s important and essential to take into consideration your employees wellness as this can impact the overall operational efficiency. Research showed that employees who had a positive mental health were 23% more productive, so if you are looking for a way to improve productivity, ensure that your employees wellness is at a good level. 


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