Working within the real estate sector, you will face many challenges; some may be out of your control; however, you can prepare for these and form solutions for when a problem occurs. 

Inflation and interest rates 

Inflation and interest rates can affect the cost of materials, labour and overall building costs, resulting in a challenging time for construction. In addition, the rise of inflation causes a decrease in buyers as they can no longer afford those houses, which then causes a challenge of actually selling the properties. 

There is a constant flow of new technology trends that are entering every market for every organisation. Keeping up with these technological advancements is essential to maintain your competitive edge. If you are still listing your properties in magazines or newspapers, you will fall behind your competitors. 

AI will be widely used within the real estate industry; not only can this be used for a user’s experience, like having live chatboxes where they can ask any questions, but it also helps real estate companies. AI is excellent for analysing large amounts of data like risk assessments, what’s trending and how to better meet clients’ needs. 


Within the real estate industry is building development. We are becoming a more climate-conscious world, with consumers making decisions based on whether something is environmentally friendly and sustainable. This means that for such a large industry as real estate, they will have to develop and build buildings with sustainable materials and put techniques and technology into the building process.  

Overrunning costs 

Real estate development can be highly profitable, but overrunning costs can devastate your profits. There are many situations where you’ve planned your expenses accurately, but an increase in material prices or realising you need a bigger team can cause costs to overrun. Sometimes, new snags can appear along the way. So ensure to add extra time for potential delays. 

Hiring a management consultant is an excellent way to manage your expenses, as they have the skills and expertise to ensure your finances run as smoothly as possible. 

The decline in affordable housing 

At the moment, the economy is in a fragile state due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the rise in inflation, and the overall increase in price for goods and services. Those factors mean that not everyone can afford a home, indicating a decline in sales and interest. So, you must consider this when pricing up a property. 


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