The global consulting sector in 2022 is worth a vast £10 billion and with more businesses needing the services, it’s going to keep expanding. As the market grows, this can bring more challenges to your business as new trends are formed meaning new factors will need to be implemented. These are the top trends in consulting that will shape the future of your business: 

1. Remote Services

Since the coronavirus pandemic, businesses have had to alter their services to work remotely, this is the same for consulting. 

Video calling platforms such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom have allowed consulting businesses to work effectively and still offer the same quality of services remotely. This form of technology has made remote working a lot easier. When clients are spread across the country, geographical factors won’t interfere with the services and relationships can still be formed regardless of where they are based. 

2. Technology

One of the biggest changes to the consulting industry is the application of technology to the research and analysis process. AI technology has progressed so quickly over the last couple of years and has had a substantial impact on how businesses operate, by preventing human error from occurring, using cognitive technologies to make faster decisions and improving the overall productivity and efficiency of the business. 

Businesses must incorporate and take advantage of this new AI technology as it can make the research process much quicker and more precise, which means clients can receive the best and most accurate results. 

3. Clients want quicker results

Customers are less inclined to try new consultancies with them prioritising the building of authentic relationships, with 87% of clients relying on trust more than anything when working with a consultancy. 

Your customers must know exactly what skills you provide, who you are, the expertise that you offer, how you approach client work and more. All of those factors form a trusting relationship between both parties, and once there is trust they are more inclined to come back and not go elsewhere. 

4. Sharing content on social media  

Business consulting and development is about sharing knowledge and expertise with your clients. A lot of businesses don’t want to openly share their expertise but this isn’t always the right choice when really they could be informing others. 

It’s a great marketing tool to share knowledge and inform potential new clients, sharing educational content is the best way to engage customers and also build a strong reputation for yourselves as consulters. Users want trust and authenticity and by sharing knowledge and expertise, this trust will be built. 

A great place to start when sharing content is to create a case study about a past client, this is enough for new, potential clients to see the benefits of your services. 

5. Google’s EAT

A lot of businesses undermine the power of Google E-A-T. This stands for:

Expertise: The expertise of the author of the content

Authoritativeness: The reputation of the source of the content 

Trustworthiness: Legitimacy and accuracy of the website 

Businesses may believe that clients will just find them on Google when searching. Still, they need to take into consideration this Google feature as it plays a huge role in SEO ranking. If Google considers you E-A-T proof, then you will appear in Google’s top search hits. 

When uploading a page or website to Google, the search engine determines a web page’s quality by these factors:

  • Is there a purpose to the page?
  • The expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness 
  • The main quality of content and amount
  • The reputation of the website and author 

So, it’s important that you ensure your webpage matches those factors and that you abide by those policies, otherwise your webpage may not rank at the level you would like it to. 


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