Regional setbacks are creating a digital divide in the UK where SMEs in affected areas will find it much more difficult to succeed with taking their business digital. This can lead to higher operational costs and negatively impacted efficiency – holding back business
from thriving.

Our research calls upon data from multiple sources, including: Innovate UK’s Smart Grants;’s digital apprenticeship vacancies and a survey of 1,000 UK SMEs commissioned by GAIN LINE.

What we have to say

The distribution of the sources in our research paints an accurate picture of the digital divide we currently have in Britain, while the South and larger cities are thriving in terms of technology and innovation, business owners in the North East of England, Scotland, Wales, and more rural locations are missing out. We need better messaging about digital opportunities targeting those areas, as well as funding initiatives.”

“Rural commercial properties are much more affordable than their city-centre equivalents, which could be attractive to small business owners looking to keep overheads down. Slower internet speeds will be a turnoff for any that rely on digital services of any description. It’s a missed opportunity for both the smaller businesses and the local economies, which could greatly benefit from attracting more small businesses to the area.”

jonathan ward, gain line