Founded in 1949, Werit has scaled to over 600 employees who manufacture new and reconditioned industrial packaging and innovative plastic products at eleven locations across Europe.

Werit approached us as they wanted to enhance and improve in areas such as engagement, communication, understanding which jobs are a priority over others and adapting to changes within processes. 


GAIN LINE’s team worked with Werit’s employees from different departments to gain an understanding of what areas needed a focus. They wanted to drive maximum morale within the team, enhance communication between office and production teams, make time for sufficient training and improve overall engagement. 

By understanding the organisational processes, the areas needing attention were identified, and conclusions were made on how to increase morale, drive company culture across all parts of the business and provide more time towards training and development. 

The process

We facilitated a four-stage process with the Werit team, beginning with stakeholders, followed by a cohort of people within the organisation from various seniority levels.


This initial stage is about identifying the key focus areas; we completed this with Werit by:

  • Conducting 1-2-1 interviews with their employees, and from this, we identified the key focus areas. 


At this stage, we explored and captured the challenges that were holding Werit back; we completed this by:

  • Using post-it notes, the team wrote down the drains they felt needed attention. 
  • Drains were grouped and voted on for people to determine which problems they thought were the most important.
  • When those drains had been highlighted, we reframed them using opportunity questions, preparing Werit for the gains stage, where solutions were formed. 

The drains process made employees feel like they were a part of the decision-making process as they could generate ideas and own solutions, improving overall team cohesion. Morale, engagement and teamwork excelled in this particular segment of the workshop.


Based on the opportunity questions, a voting process, similar to the drains session, was completed. Werit formed solutions based on impact and effort and turned them into concrete solutions. 


  • How much of an impact will this solution have in answering the question and being able to deliver against the focus area?

0 = No impact > 10 = Significant impact


  • How much effort will it take to implement these solutions?

0 = Minimal effort > 10 = Significant effort.

An action plan is then formed to track the implementation of these solutions. 

Post sprint:

We check in with you to evaluate the status of experiments and progress the strategic projects.

The results

As a result of our work with Werit, we delivered the following recommendations:

  • Implement a reward system that every employee will be aware of to highlight those who have met goals or gone above and beyond.
  • Build overall culture by prioritising time together by planning events or days out as a team. 
  • Other areas of the business to be informed about the ongoing activities and procedures to enhance knowledge and understanding to ensure a cohesive approach. 

It was a pleasure to work with the Werit team on the Sprint. A key aspect of the workshops we run is to bring a team together and their involvement, the Werit team’s open mindedness and positive approach to these workshops gave us results with great quality. Seeing these end results be received positively by the senior team and their ability to react to the feedback showed how the Sprint process can work across all areas of a business.

Kevin Williams, Technical Director at GAIN LINE