Developing Better Processes

Indiespring found a recurrence of problems that were affecting the quality of their services. Hence, they wanted to improve certain aspects of their business to help processes run smoothly and efficiently.

Indiespring approached GAIN LINE to help improve their processes internally

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The Sprint gave us this great opportunity to get our head above the parapet and see exactly what the issues were and start putting in place some methods to overcome them.
Arran Kirkup

Who are Indiespring?

Indiespring are a leading specialist in Mobile Application Development and strategy for technology providers. They prioritise solving business challenges by delivering innovative mobile-first custom software solutions. Their main passion lies in building long-lasting customer relationships and getting customers’ businesses to where they want to be.


Through our guidance and their team collaboration, Indiespring found solutions for estimation meetings, acceptance criteria training and hiring more employees in the area of product ownership. They implemented step-by-step actions for the company to get involved in and complete to help resolve the issues they were having.

Since implementing those actions and steps, they feel as though the company has become stronger.

Our Sprint allowed the solutions to form:

  • Product ownership to be improved by bringing in more employees so there could be more focus on that area
  • Implementing further training to ensure ticket quality was enhanced
  • Training to be implemented to improve acceptance criteria

The Results

Our Sprint workshop helped Indiespring to identify and create solutions in a collaborative way. Since the Sprint, Indiespring have put methods in place to solve the challenges, with productivity increasing, time management improving and projects reaching the estimated completion date.

Due to focusing on improving quality control, Indiespring’s Sprints are now performing as they expect them to, leading to projects meeting deadlines.