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Immortalis is an innovative tech business serving the construction and roofing industry. The Immortalis team identified that construction and roofing companies used antiquated practices when creating quotes and estimates for their customers.

Very often, companies would still use calculators and paper which was very laborious, time-consuming and prone to error. Even the more modernised companies who used Microsoft Excel and other software products faced challenges of effort duplication, spreadsheet formula errors and system access. The millions of variables in construction combined with fixed costs and tight margins leaves no room for error, creating a significant challenge for businesses.


GAIN LINE scoped the opportunities for the Immortalis System by conducting research and journey mapping the experience of creating an estimate.

Within these journeys were significant friction points surrounding the Excel spreadsheets and calculation logic which we audited and translated into a cloud-based system.

The cloud application replicates the key functionality within the Excel spreadsheets within an easy to use user interface that guides estimators through the creation of an estimate. Further product logic is applied which reduces specification error based on building regulatory practice.

Within the administration area, the Immortalis team makes updates to core information including products and pricing, quickly and easily negating the past requirement to update multiple documents across many systems.

With the system being accessible via the Web, it means that customers can create estimates anywhere and at any time without the worry of incorrect or out of date data being present using the 15,000 installation items.

The system also contains reporting functionality so that customers are able to track estimates and see a pipeline of their business.

"Thanks to the system that GAIN LINE built, over £1 billion worth of work was estimated by our clients since it was launched in 2019. Being able to produce estimates three to five times faster than traditional methods and with pin-point cost accuracies, we have revolutionised how they work and they’ve thrown their calculators out of the window."

Steve Page , Immortalis


  • Clients’ specifications were static Excel files which were often housed on local drives
  • Users could only access these specifications whilst within the office
  • New projects were created by duplicating relevant project files, this caused multiple issues such as prices being out of date, descriptions not being accurate
  • Reporting of projects had to be done across multiple other systems and files and only reliant on what employees put in those systems


  • All specifications available online and accessible via any digital device
  • Estimators are immediately and with confidence able to calculate margins
  • Speed of estimation three to five times faster than previous
  • An estimated £300,000,000 worth of work was estimated through the software in 2020

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