Geovation serves as the focal point within the geospatial ecosystem, bridging industry challenges with innovative startup solutions.

Geovation brings together experts from various fields, including GeoTech and PropTech, with their ecosystem having over 1800 members. They collaborate on ideas that use location data to create solutions for global challenges. By working together with entrepreneurs and the public and private sectors, they develop new projects that can positively impact society, the economy, and the environment.

The brief

Geovation collaborated with GAIN LINE to develop and construct a new website. Their primary objective was to revamp the website to align more effectively with their aspirations and create a platform that could evolve and adapt as they grew.

Geovation found that they needed improvements in these areas:

  • Accessibility
  • Flexibility


Following our collaboration, we successfully addressed Geovation’s issue by constructing a new WordPress platform, utilising the designs and wireframes provided to us. It allowed Geovation to build the pages they needed when they needed them without being limited to set/fixed templates.

The site uses a custom-built solution that enables it to automatically aggregate Geovation events without the need to duplicate any content or effort.

Each user group required to administer the site needed specific permission and access rights to administer separate parts of the site. This was accomplished by creating specific user types, enabling team members to maintain their designated areas without impacting other parts of the site.

The result was a flexible suite of modular components that Geovation could easily incorporate into their website pages using a block-based page builder. Each block was built with flexibility, allowing Geovation to customise and change, catering for the individual page requirements while maintaining brand consistency and adhering to WCAG AAA guidelines. This resulted in a distinctive online experience that ensures accessibility for all users.

After completing the process, Geovation found that their website’s new look effectively communicated their brand to their targeted audience. The adaptable design has allowed them to swiftly generate tailored pages as required, encouraging an efficient and smooth running process. Since this development, they have received positive feedback from stakeholders regarding the overall visual appeal and functionality.

It’s been great working with the team; nothing has been too big or too small, and they have worked in partnership with me to achieve the launch of the site and continued development since. We’ve already implemented new functionality, which has reduced internal duplication of effort, and we are always looking at new options to improve the site further.

Claire Corlett, Marketing Manager at Geovation