Immortalis case study

Searching for Snags – Immortalis

Searching for Snags – Immortalis Immortalis is an innovative tech business serving the construction and roofing industry. The Immortalis team identified that construction and roofing companies used antiquated practices when creating quotes and estimates for their customers. Very often, companies would still use calculators and paper which was very laborious, time-consuming and prone to error. […]

Building Better Insights – Jigsaw Homes Group

Building Better Insights – Jigsaw Homes Group Jigsaw Homes Group is one of the largest housing groups in England. The Group was formed from a merger between New Charter and Adactus Housing which resulted in them providing more than 34,000 homes across the North West and East Midlands. This rapid expansion led to a potential […]

sportsbreak case study

Striking Revenue Targets –

Striking Revenue Targets – The company is the consumer brand of Clarity Sport and launched in December 2019 following the collapse of Thomas Cook in October of the same year. GAIN LINE had already closely worked with the Thomas Cook Sport leadership team for many years, developing a successful website and bespoke booking platform, […]


Engaging Sales Figures – Your FLOCK

Engaging Sales Figures – Your FLOCK Great businesses don’t happen by chance. When you challenge the ordinary, you can become extraordinary. Manchester employee engagement platform tech startup, Your FLOCK aims to scale their Monthly Recurring Revenue (MMR) to springboard their next round of funding. GAIN LINE facilitated a Growth Sprint with them that focused on […]