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Great businesses don’t happen by chance. When you challenge the ordinary, you can become extraordinary. Manchester employee engagement platform tech startup, Your FLOCK aims to scale their Monthly Recurring Revenue (MMR) to springboard their next round of funding. GAIN LINE facilitated a Growth Sprint with them that focused on ways to improve their sales performance.

It’s a sprint. Not a marathon. This is the story of what happened when we sprinted.



Your FLOCK was born out of an academic thesis on team dynamics and company culture by co-founder Michal Wisniewski, who studied at Manchester University. Co-founder Dan Sodergren, a specialist in digital transformation, invested in the fledgling business, amplifying its presence in a growing marketplace.

Using machine learning, personal assessment and many other techniques, the business is able to strengthen core values and reduce churn, or customer loss. 

With COVID and the subsequent explosion of home and remote working, the demand for a SaaS (Software as a Service) grew hugely. This interest attracted investment space, meaning it was for Your FLOCK to take the next step.

“We knew there was nothing wrong with the product because we’d been so product led up to that point – but we need to focus more on the market.

GAIN LINE came along at the right time and instantly understood the challenge of sharpening our focus over the next few months to be more growth driven.“

Screen Shot 2022-07-06 at 17.16.48
Dan Sodergren Co-founder, Your FLOCK.

Why use our Growth Sprints…?

Our focused, fast sprint sessions helped the Your FLOCK team identify the problems and action solutions. We facilitate innovation from within, after all, you never know where the next great idea will come from…

GAIN LINE. Challenge the ordinary.

We helped the whole team to pull together, understand each other and get creative with the solutions.

We are NOT your ordinary business consultancy. 

GAIN LINE’s team asked Your FLOCK staff to complete individual interviews to help inform the process and establish the key areas of focus. The main obstacles included a lack of structure within the sales process, along with a prolonged sales cycle and a low conversion rate. 

By understanding the organisational processes the areas needing attention were identified and conclusions were made on how to increase efficiency and achieve their aims.

“Nobody’s input is discounted or drowned during a Growth Sprint, as views can be given anonymously and democratically where required.

Priorities are collated and voted on, while conversations are kept on track and tightly timed to keep things moving towards a shared goal without distraction.

Your FLOCK bought into the process from the start, which meant we were able to draw out more from them in order to create the best outcomes post sprint.”

Kevin Williams GAIN LINE Technical Director


As a result of the Growth Sprint sessions, GAIN LINE delivered a series of recommendations:

  • Ensuring the right people were targetted for marketing campaigns
  • Defining a more structured and considered sales process that produced more accurate and actionable data points on sales intelligence
  • A method to score sales leads so that their efforts were better focused 

“What you’ve done is absolutely brilliant. The process is literally the best thing we’ve done this year and I completely see the power of it. I wish we had done this years ago.

It’s a cliche but sometimes you really can’t see the wood for the trees – if we could all help ourselves we wouldn’t need doctors or coaches.

Objectivity is so important – I like to be challenged and learn different ways of thinking. GAIN LINE helped us define how our immediate goals might be achievable and gave us a playbook – now it’s up to Your FLOCK to execute.”

Screen Shot 2022-07-06 at 17.16.48
Dan Sodergren Co Founder, Your FLOCK

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