Our Optimisation Sprint is an innovative workshopping and ideation product that gives companies the ability to plan how to scale, pivot or simply address key challenges they may face.

The Sprint does this by prioritising your most pressing challenges within your business and repositions them as growth opportunities. You’ll see immediate opportunities for improvement within just two weeks, via evidence based, testable solutions.

How does it work?

Our AJ & Smart-certified facilitators will work with your teams in a series of immersive workshops and activities designed to quickly equip you to solve key challenges in your business.


Following a pre-sprint discovery exercise with your stakeholders to define the scope and focus of the project, we’ll enter DRAINS Week.

This phase of the sprint identifies which challenges are holding your back and begin to formulate solutions as your teams consider ‘How Might We’ questions.


Then during GAINS Week, we’ll create and prioritise concrete measures resulting from the explorations of week one.

Many will be actionable by your team without our direct involvement, while others can be detailed in a clear plan of strategic projects and experiments.

What benefits can you expect?

A GAIN LINE Optimisation Sprint is an opportunity for us to collaborate on building immediate, mid-term and future plans for instrumental gains.

It can be delivered remote-first but we can also do this at a physical location, tailored to suit your business goals and operations.

We don’t want to turn up and start preaching or picking holes – that’s why our first priority is to talk to you and your people.

Following the completed two week sprint, your team will be motivated and invested to implement the immediate actions to drive change.

And with the clarity of distraction-free decision making, the agreed actions will be focused and goal-oriented.

What will you receive?

Included in the GAIN LINE Optimisation Sprint is everything required to ignite your team’s transition from embattled to empowered, such as:

Surveys and interviews either online or in-person.

Facilitation of collaborative and democratic workshops.

Sprint report that assesses strengths, drains and gains.

Strategic project recommendations that can be implemented short, mid and long term, plus larger-scale initiatives to be pursued.

The resulting generation of collective ideas and initiatives will energise your staff and stakeholders for the exciting future of your business.

And when these are successfully actioned, your business will be better placed to become more prosperous and competitive.

With increased profits, improved agility and better use of data intelligence, you’ll gain all the weapons you need to face current and future challenges.

What you’ve done is absolutely brilliant. The process is literally the best thing we’ve done this year and I completely see the power of it.

I wish we at Your FLOCK – the team engagement platform – had done this years ago.

Dan Sodergren, Co-founder, Your Flock


If you’re ready to start treating your operational limitations as launchpads, contact us on 0161 532 449 or fill in the form below.