As we approach the year 2024, the tech industry is set for a series of transformative developments that redefine how we live, work, and connect with the world. From the rapid acceleration of artificial intelligence to the expansion of sustainable technology, 2024 holds the potential for remarkable breakthroughs.

Artificial intelligence

AI has provided us with many benefits; its positive impact on healthcare, personalisation, automation, and other areas like content creation has made AI an increasingly integral part of our lives. In 2024, the development of AI is only going to increase and continue its journey, providing us with solutions.

  • Healthcare – Machine learning can help spot diseases early, resulting in faster and more effective treatment, saving lives, and reducing healthcare expenses. As well as this, AI will be able to analyse vast amounts of data, increasing efficiency. 
  • Sustainability – AI can optimise energy consumption in buildings, industries, and transportation systems. AI can also optimise industrial processes to minimise carbon emissions and improve carbon capture and storage technologies.
  • Communication – AI-powered translation tools break down language barriers, making communication more accessible for people from different linguistic backgrounds. On top of this, AI will also allow AI-driven chatbots and virtual assistants to provide instant responses to queries, enhancing customer support and facilitating quick interactions.

Cyber resilience

In 2023, 32% of businesses recall having any breaches and attacks, highlighting the importance of prioritising security defences in 2024. With the advancement of technology comes an increase in risk. Businesses are now going one step further and focusing on cyber resilience, the process of reducing the damage from a detrimental attack, as well as responding and recovering quickly when and if one occurs. It’s a comprehensive approach to cybersecurity that focuses on preventing cyber threats and preparing for, responding to, and recovering from them.

As online dangers become more sophisticated and more businesses compete to create new ways to be more resilient using technology such as AI, keeping our data safe through cyber resilience will be a prominent factor for companies in 2024.

Sustainable technology

2023 has seen substantial progress with sustainable practices, with some giant corporations (Apple, Google, Panasonic, etc) adapting and adjusting processes to make them more environmentally friendly. In terms of consumers, a staggering 65% of UK consumers think about the environmental impact of their purchases, pushing more businesses to change ways to attract and retain customers. 

In 2024, sustainability technology will take centre stage with a growing global awareness of environmental issues and a collective effort to reduce the carbon footprint, conserve resources, and create a more sustainable and eco-conscious future. 

Sustainable technology is based on finding the most environmentally friendly way of doing the things we already do, like electric cars, bikes and other public transport, which will continue to evolve and increase in 2024. Some sustainable technologies that we will see more of in 2024 include:

  • Smart Cities – Urban areas will incorporate sustainable technology to enhance energy efficiency, reduce waste, and improve overall city sustainability.
  • Green Construction – Sustainable building materials, energy-efficient designs, and smart construction practices will become more common in the construction industry.
  • Waste Reduction – Innovative technologies will focus on waste reduction, recycling, and the responsible disposal of materials and products.

Quantum computing

Quantum computing is a cutting-edge computing technology that leverages the principles of quantum mechanics to perform calculations. Regular computers use bits that can only be 0 or 1, but quantum computers use qubits, which can simultaneously be both 0 and 1. This property allows quantum computers to process vast amounts of information simultaneously and solve some complex issues much faster than classical computers.

In 2024, quantum computing is really going to take off, allowing data processing to happen at a much faster rate, optimising operations and drug discovery. Quantum computing is anticipated to evolve from using physical qubits to employing error-corrected logical qubits. 2024 is also expected to witness greater international cooperation in quantum research, signifying a significant milestone in developing this technology. 

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)

2023 has dipped its toes into the world of both VR and AR, with Apple introducing their new device, ‘ Vision Pro’, allowing you to enter the virtual world of your computers and phones in early 2024. Apple isn’t the only one; Facebook and their ‘metaverse’, Samsung and their Gear VR set, 2024 will be a big year for this type of technology. The difference between the two is that VR immerses you into a world, whilst AR enhances your environment. 

We can expect both VR and AR to become significant parts of our lives in 2024. Industries such as healthcare can utilise this technology to train doctors to do surgery or rehabilitate patients after injury. Other sectors like education, marketing and entertainment will benefit from this technology in some way. 

Machine customers

A machine customer is not a familiar term. According to research by Gartner, machine customers represent one of the decade’s most significant new growth opportunities. But what is it? It refers to an economic entity that is not human and acquires products or services by making payments. For example, an AI-enabled digital assistant who will complete a task on a human’s behalf, or a Tesla, where the car will book itself for an oil replacement when it can sense an upcoming issue. 

Individuals establish the guidelines, and the machine follows them within a defined environment. These machines are, therefore, considered “bound customers,” marking the initial phase of a three-step development. 

Technology industry in 2024

As we move forward, adapting to these changes and staying informed will be essential. Embracing these trends responsibly and ethically can help us build a more efficient, connected, and sustainable future.


What can businesses do to prepare for these technology trends?

Businesses should stay informed about these trends, assess their potential impact on their industry, invest in research and development, and focus on adaptability and ethical use of technology.

What sustainability trends should we expect in technology for 2024?

Sustainable technology will see growth in renewable energy, eco-friendly materials, circular economy practices, and green construction.

How will 5G technology impact the tech landscape in 2024?

5G will lead to faster and more reliable internet connections, enabling advancements in IoT, AR/VR, autonomous vehicles, and enhanced mobile experiences.


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