What is customer success?

Every business wants to ensure its customers get the most out of their products and services to maintain customer happiness. In today’s world, customer success isn’t just the satisfaction from one of your products but also about building long-lasting relationships. You want to ensure customer success by using these nine tactics. 

Understanding your customers

First and foremost, understanding your customers is the first step to success, regardless of what business you have or what industry you operate in. To deliver outstanding customer service, you must invest time and effort into understanding exactly who your audience is; knowing their goals, drains, and gains allows you to tailor your approach to meet their needs.

Every customer has unique expectations; your relationship with them can go deeper than surface level by taking the time to really understand them. Understanding is the foundation for long-lasting relationships. Listen to your customers and their feedback; they are the ones who know best, after all. 

Effective communication 

Effective communication is essential when building lasting solid relationships; active listening, taking on positive and negative feedback, and providing excellent support are all elements of effective communication. By showing that you listen, such as changing something they didn’t like, shows that you care, are committed to their needs, and value them as customers – all of which maintains the customer’s trust. 

Be responsive to their questions and queries, keep them updated with new changes, and, most importantly, be ready to support them when needed. You want your customers to feel like they are part of the brand because, after all, they make up a massive chunk of it. 

Customer service and strong support

Customer service is essential in maintaining customer success; according to Forbes, 96% of customers would leave a business if they received poor customer service; this is a huge statistic and just shows that customer service is one of the many foundations of maintaining customer success and satisfaction. 

A great customer experience extends beyond just the purchase; it will dictate whether they will return and how they will speak about you to others. Ensure that your customer service is attentive and understanding and, most importantly, that they resolve the issue. 


Although you may see your customers as a group, viewing them as individuals creates a much stronger relationship. Personalise your interactions with them; if you’ve noticed that they’ve made significant purchases, reward this or even send them an email to say thank you, this makes a more substantial difference than you may think. Customers feel valued, understood and, most importantly, satisfied when you tailor their experiences to meet their needs. 

Continuous improvement 

There is always room for improvement, especially when it comes to keeping customers happy. Ensure that you consistently evaluate the customer success strategies you may have in place; the best way to do this is by actively gathering customer feedback and analysing data. If you notice a drop in website visits or social media page engagement, don’t just ignore this; work on it and ensure that you keep improving your processes. 

Build trust

Trust comes when you understand your customers’ needs, offer them outstanding and relevant service, and respect them. Trust is highly beneficial as it creates a loyal relationship between both parties and encourages customers to tell their friends to do business with you too. Without trust, your customer retention rate and overall sales can drop significantly, so you must take the time to build trust between your company and the customer. 

Ways you can build trust:

  • Honesty and transparency
  • Build a positive reputation 
  • Listen to feedback and act on it
  • Don’t remove honest negative reviews 
  • Create loyalty programs

Ask for feedback…and act on it 

It’s one thing asking for feedback and another actually taking it on board and acting on it. When a customer makes a purchase or you’ve closed a sale with a new client, ask for feedback, as this gives you a great insight into how your customers feel about their recent experience. Their feedback can inform improvements for your products and services and overall customer satisfaction and experience. 

Showing your customers that you’ve taken feedback on and actively changed or improved areas for their benefit builds loyalty, trust and overall satisfaction. 

Ensure that customers know the value of your product

Success with your customers comes from them knowing the value your product and service provide; without that level of understanding, they won’t be around for long. So how exactly do you show your customers the value of your product? Well, simply start with the marketing; instead of promoting your product, showcase the benefits and solutions it will provide; this automatically answers the customers’ first questions. 

Market to educate your customers

Educating customers is a great way to draw and engage them, don’t make the mistake of just assuming that your customers know the solutions your product provides for their challenges. Using inbound content marketing, spread awareness on the challenges that your target audience face, and if they are already knowledgeable, then share ways to optimise your products and services by educating them on different uses and benefits. 

The key to customer success

The key to customer success is customer focus. Put customers at the centre of your company and ensure that you are using the resources to meet their needs and expectations but, most importantly, solve their challenges. Develop processes through deep understanding to support them and their needs. 


Is checking in with employees essential for customer success?

Employees are at the heart of customer service, they will either provide your customers with exceptional support and assistance, increasing retention rates, or they will cause a customer not to return. So, checking in with and monitoring employees is essential for customer success; you must ensure they provide the expected service to prevent customers from feeling unsatisfied with their queries. 

Can employee training help towards customer success?

Training employees definitely help towards customer success. Training them to understand the product and service on a deep level ensures that they know precisely how to go about any question or problem they are faced with by a customer. Without training, your customer service team may not be able to help a customer out; this can lead to them not feeling supported and potentially not returning, 

Is customer success significant for beating the competition?

You can have a strong, unique selling point and competitive pricing, but you must also have excellent customer success for you to really beat your competition. Even if a customer enjoys your offering and finds it to be better than the competition, it doesn’t mean they aren’t going to leave. Building long-lasting relationships will differentiate you from the competition; trust, authenticity, and personalisation create consumer loyalty. 


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