Everyone understands the importance of teamwork, you can make use of other members’ skills and solve a problem faster, generate ideas quicker and build strong relationships. In order for all of this to correlate, you need a good team manager. Here are some tips on how to manage a team successfully. 

Communicate effectively 

Communication is key when it comes to being a good team leader, poor communication can lead to less productivity and therefore poor performance.  

Miscommunication can result in problems arising in the business, it can also cause employees stress, hostility within the workplace and a feeling of unease as they may not get the task completed in the correct way. However, communicating effectively results in tasks being completed correctly and on time, and having a comprehensive understanding of deadlines and goals that need to be completed, which are all essential and needed within a business. 

To improve communication, write up and share any information around a new project or task for your employees to see. It is very common for employees to misunderstand a task when it is explained verbally so writing or typing this up, removes any chance of miscommunication or error occurring. 

Encourage team collaboration

Employees who collaborate and feel that they are a part of a team are 2.4 times more likely to have more engagement within their work and a stronger focus. 

You can use a range of technology to help with collaboration, such as the collaboration software: Basecamp. This platform enables members to write down to-do lists, create pages with project information and so much more. Incorporating platforms like that can really benefit collaboration as you can see exactly who is doing what and how much progress is being made. 

Team collaboration can grow relationships between employees and boost overall productivity. It allows deadlines to be met faster and also promotes members learning new skills from one another. 

Provide feedback regularly 

Throughout the process of managing a team it’s essential that you provide feedback to team members. It’s important to highlight any errors that have been made so you can prevent this from reoccurring. 

When providing feedback it’s also important to ensure this isn’t done in a harsh way, everyone makes mistakes and all that employees can do is learn from them, if you’re too critical this could lower productivity levels. 

On the flip side, it’s even more important to praise employees when they have done great work. Not only does this boost their confidence, but it also motivates them to do well again so they can be praised again, increasing overall productivity. 

Set boundaries

Although it’s important to be friendly with team members by treating them with respect and kindness, it’s also just as important to show authority. 

It can be a slippery slope if you are kind and don’t assert authority, this can lead to employees not respecting you or worse, not adhering to what you want and doing their own thing. They need to understand that there are set tasks that have deadlines which need to be met and if they are not respecting or completing the work without reason, disciplinary action can occur. 

Lead by example

You should behave the same way that you expect your team to behave. As a team manager/leader, you are a role model and they will look up to you.

It’s important to showcase confidence, if you are faking it, this can be unmasked and then trust and credibility can be lost. To lead by example, it’s important that deadlines are met on your end, that you are punctual, and that you treat everyone fairly. If those aren’t executed the way you expect others to, then the team dynamic will fail. 


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